HTML5, CSS3 Corporate training in Hyderabad

We are happy to announce HTML5, CSS3 training for our corporate customers. This training is delivered by Mr. Sheo Narayan who is the founder of a famous .NET technology related website, trainer, mentor and also a Ex-Microsoft MVP.

The HTML5 training goals are
  1. Start developing HTML 5 enabled web pages
  2. Will learn the HTML 5 benefits
  3. Will learn HTML 5 elements and attributes
  4. Will learn how to work with audio and video without Flash and Silverlight
  5. Will learn drawing images on the web page using Canvas
  6. Will learn who to store data in the client side without using cookies or hidden elements for offline application
  7. Different HTML 5 form elements that help you avoid writing code for form validations
The CSS3 training goals are
  1. Start developing trendy, sleek web pages using CSS3
  2. Different types of selectors in CSS3
  3. Giving visual effects to HTML elements
  4. Working with Web Fonts and Fonts service APIs
  5. Performing animations using CSS3
For complete course content and quote, please contact us or call at +91-40-4222-2291 (O), +91-768-088-9888 (Mobile).

For training outside Hyderabad, one can avail online training or onsite training (cost of lodging and fooding to be born by the company)