.NET and Web development Corporate training in Hyderabad

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Corporate training. We have a group of dedicated professional trainers with customized course materials for your need. Our group of trainers includes Microsoft MVPs and loaded with heavy IT experience. We differentiate our trainings by not only giving theory lectures but also provide practical problems that candidates will face in their job and provide standard solution. We ensure that your candidates learn best practices of software engineering from the day one so that you get the best out of them.

Currently we offer Corporate Training on following technologies
  1. AngularJS
  3. ASP.NET Web API
  4. ASP.NET Web Forms
  5. HTML 5
  6. CSS 3
  7. JavaScript
  8. jQuery
  9. Bootstrap
  10. C# 4.0 (including LINQ, Generics, OOPS)
  11. WCF 4.0 (Windows Communication Foundation)
  12. Design Patterns
Training Medium
  • Onsite training (India, USA, Canada, UK)
  • Online training (using Microsoft Live meeting or WebEx)
For Freshers
  • Complete Microsoft .NET Web Application Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Microsoft .NET Framework, C#,  OOPS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF and Web Services, Sql Server.
    • Suitable for freshers to become a .NET Web Developer
    • This training includes Free DVD to each candidates loaded with video tutorials, ebook and source code
    For Experienced
    • Technology specific training
    • .NET - Best practices, Optimization and Performance improvement in .NET Applications
    • Sql Server - Best practices and Database optimization

    Customized Trainings
    • Contact us  for above technologies or customized training requirement

    We hope you would appreciate our professional training and practical approach with competitive pricing.